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Cable Concéntrico Espiral

Spiral Concentric Lay Cable

600 V / 60 °C

General description

Soft drawn copper cable or wire, with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thermoplastic insulation, soft drawn bare neutral copper wires, helically applied, over the insulation and a black low density polyethylene thermoplastic jacket (LDPE).


  • Viakons helical concentric lay stranded cables meet the following specifications:
  • NOM-063-SCFI Electric Products - Conductors - Safety requirements.
  • NMX-J-028-ANCE Spiral concentric cable for up to 600 V low voltage overhead connections.
  • CFE E0000-11 Spiral concentric cables.
  • LFC-COM-001 CCE Cable.


Main applications

  • Spiral concentric cables are mainly used as overhead connection for secondary feeders.


  • Maximum operation voltage: 600 V.
  • Maximum conductor operation temperature: 60°C
  • Soft copper conductor wire or cable.
  • Manufactured with the following sizes:
  • - Wires from 3.307 to 8,367 mm2 (12 to 8 AWG).
  • - Cables from 13.30 to 21,15 mm2 (6 to 4 AWG).
  • Black jacket for sunlight resistance.


  • Their concentric structure makes pirate connections difficult.
  • Sunlight resistant.