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Always committed with society, Viakon products are produced under the best industry practices. Work has been widely recognized.

Our Quality Circle and perseverance and constancy of our participations as a company, have been honored by the AMTE (Mexican Association of Teamwork AC), promoter for culture of quality and teamwork for Continuous Improvement in Mexico.

Furthermore, Viakon has been awarded within research and development of new products, materials or processes by CONACYT.

Corporate Culture Technology Award has been given to only 69 companies since 2001 for their research and development activities.

The work culture is recognized in Viakon. Customers like Soriana, Montoi, have distinguished us on more than one occasion as a reliable supplier.

Dr. Mitsunori Nakano Award for Perseverance in 2004

Viakon was recognized for having achieved 10 times the participation of their teams as finalists in the National Contests Task. The award is named after Dr. Mitsunori Nakano, an expert and enthusiastic promoter and sponsor of these competitions.

ITOH Award for 2001 Constancy

The award was given to us for achieving 5 times finalist of National Contests Task. It is recognized mainly by working coordination. The award is named after Dr. Yuzuru Itoh, Japanese expert who proposed the creation of competition in Mexico.

Awards for Viakon Plants in Monterrey and San Luis Potosí.

Our Viakon plant located in San Luis Potosi maintained for 8 years a quality management system "zero-conformities". In addition, we are committed to adopt a new environmental management system ISO 14001. These advances were recognized by QMI, the certification of our management system for Quality (ISO9001) and Environment (ISO 14001) through its president, Wendy Tilford. Also, Monterrey plant was certified by PROFEPA in 2007 as a Clean Industry.

Quality Control Circles "QCC"

In Viakon we have repeatedly been winners of national competitions organized by QCC AMTE, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2007. Our QCC have been special guests at conferences like the International Circles Congress in Singapore, in its 2000 edition hosted by Standards Productivity and Innovation Board of Singapore.


Since its inception, Viakon has consistently the desire to remain as a pioneer and industry leader.

As a world-class company, Viakon features the latest technology for the manufacture and testing of its products, allowing them to provide the market with electric conductors reliable, safe, efficient and long life service. Nationally and internationally, Viakon products are certified by the world’s most prestigious agencies as they are able to meet the most demanding specifications.

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