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During the month of March, 2011, Viakon achieved a new project by opening operations of their modern Center of Technology and Investigation Viakable, CETIV, in order to capitalize their know-how and translate it into work of research, development and above all, generation of new products for our clients.

Aware of their mission to bring new solutions and applications to their markets, a great facility was built at the Technology Research and Innovation Park (PIIT), a space where divers research centers operate, both for private industries, as well as for higher education institutes; and the center of the CONACYT system, where important synergies will take place.

The CETIC enables Viakon to connect the world of the user to one of solutions, which in terms of innovation, science and technology we are able to offer. It also enables further consolidation into the sectors the company participates in, as well as access to new markets.

With support from CETIV, we advance a step into new and interesting challenges which will allow us to develop new knowledge, and with it; new products, processes and services, contributing to generation of intellectual property and patents which will add value to the news of our clients.

At the operation in this center, the human element plays a fundamental rol. Here, a group of highly specialized professionals work, with P.H. and Master degrees, dedicated one hundred per cent to the special requirements of our clients for electrical and mechanical specifications, of materials and packaging, and to provide solutions to the needs of every project.

The CETIV places us at the level of global enterprises, with a more active rol and proposing technological changes required in our industry, one of the most demanding in terms of innovations to face the climate change.

The Center of Technology and Innovation Viakable is one of the most advanced in the American continent and it represents a great tool which translates into benefits to the users of our brand.

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