Viakon has taken on the task of bringing cutting-edge solutions and applications for their clients, by recognizing their most important needs and researching and developing it to translate this into added value. As a result, we have achieved the manufacturing and supply of heating cable (Heating Wires) for applications in the Automotive Sector.

“This Project was born out of the specific need of one transnational client, who in their search for a supply source in Mexico generated a synergy and as result the Heating Wire was developed, with Viakon being the sole national supplier (to the date) of this type of products for this market, which previously were imported from Europe and Asia” commented Gerardo Fernández, Manager of Product Engineering and Quality.

The Heating Wire is made of copper and alloy conductors with the primary characteristic that is made of conducting wires in extra fine calibers (40 to 44 AWG) and together maintain a diameter lower than 1 mm. Each filament is insulated individually with high performance enamel and this construction increments the total electrical resistance of the product generating the heat.

Even though its current application is only in the Automotive Sector within what is known as “comfort systems” in the manufacturing of seats and steering wheels, its versatility enables it to be used in floor and roof heating systems, as well as in therapeutic products such as bed covers or medical bed mattresses and also in the aerospace market in cooling systems for Propellers and Wings.

For Viakon, the development of Heating Wire passed through a process of innovation where “the company had to develop suppliers, certified raw material, develop the product and then subject it to typical tests and of long duration according to applicable norms” indicated Gerardo Fernández.

The Heating Wire, as with all innovations Viakon Works on, obtained certification under strict tests aimed to ensure a reliable performance during all of it useful life.

Innovation, part of Viakon’s Way

“It´s not about feeling satisfied by solely selling products normally made by most manufacturers, but rather to come to the markets where we participate, not only making cable but also providing services too, working on projects hand on hand with the client to build synergies, bringing a win-win relationship be it by product, service or prices”, commented Gerardo Fernández.

On his turn, Carlos Humberto Barney, Head of Innovation, spoke about innovations for the future such as redesign of photovoltaic cables, ultra-flexible cables for instrumentation and cables for water motors (boat cable).

“Our goal is to be at the vanguard, to innovate, to make things different is something very important for Viakon” he stated.