Home appliance industry 

We energize everyday life 

More than four decades of experience have led us to consolidate the prestige of our brand Viakon, as one of the most reliable within the industry oriented to the manufacture of household appliances. 

Viakon cables are a fundamental element to energize the lives of our families, as they are present in products as diverse as washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, air conditioners and multiple appliances that we use every day in our homes,” said Luis Alberto Escamilla Dávila, manager of Home Appliance Market.

For their operation, the most recognized brands of household appliances in the market use harnesses assembled with single wire and multi-conductor (power cord) that provide maximum efficiency in the use of electrical energy. 

Quality and trust: a shared commitment to each customer 

“At Viakon, we have the premise of supplying quality products and services to harness manufacturers that supply OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), as well as to leading original equipment manufacturers, who assemble and market equipment for domestic use,” Automotive Market Manager. 

“Our customers require tailor-made products and we work together with them to meet their needs and production schedule, offering them great flexibility to meet their specific requirements and develop innovations, as we can even mark the cable with a particular legend, as well as developing coatings with special finishes, colors, brightness or textures,” said Luis Alberto Escamilla. 

“Additionally, the development of a new product by the customer requires a high speed of response, which drives us to provide support to develop prototypes to evaluate and test our cables in their production line, ensuring the acquisition of the ideal cable, which adapts optimally to their production processes and operates with high performance,” he added. 

“At Viakon, we have the capacity to produce small and large volumes, and the strategic location of our plant and warehouses, leads us to always be close to the customer’s facilities, which allows us to offer efficient inventory management and timely delivery of our cables, which results in better cost management for the harness supplier or appliance manufacturer,” he emphasized. 

World class quality and high technology within your reach 

The AWM and heavy duty cables developed by Viakon, commonly used in this industry, comply with the international norms and standards established by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), the main reference for the American market, and the CSA (Canadian Standards Association), for the Canadian market, which ensures the reliability of our products, when integrated into the appliances that are marketed in the American continent. 

“It is worth mentioning that our UL-certified laboratories, as well as the permanent support of our experts at the Viakable Technology and Innovation Center (CETIV), allow us to offer superior quality, as well as to provide valuable advances through the development of compounds and the continuous improvement of our cables,” said Jesús Rodríguez. 

By participating in the home appliance industry, at Viakon we have the full conviction that our great work team, as well as our permanent purpose of energizing life and society, create the right environment to build a better future. 

At Viakon, we want to be the best option to carry out your project.