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Viakon always thinking of our customers, keeps going, and has created better tools to stay ahead in technology.

Online services allow our customers to do business at any place and time, thus a competitive advantage through the use of technological advances.

By using this new model of buying and selling, you get:

Electronic transactions:

  • Easy
  • Friendly System
  • Safe
  • Faster
  • Accessible anytime, from anywhere

Inventory inquiries, account statements and order status:

  • A real time.
  • Reliable.

Reducing transaction costs:

  • Removal of freight and customer time to collect at the plant.
New Features
  • We have included an option to generate one or more “Templates” favorite in which you can create an order with the most frequently requested items and print them to generate orders by selecting the items and changing quantities ask achieving significant savings in time.
  • Option to send a file to the client confirming his order, which can be fed to his system.
  • Option notice or bank transfer. You may notify when you have made this bill payment electronically.
  • Inquiry Price List.
What do you need?
  • Be active client
  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • Ask for your password
For more information
  • Call 01 800 369-0080
  • To order send data reports via our contact form, selecting the title B2B.
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