In our operations we have the IATF 16949 certification (International Automotive Task Force), which establishes rigorous quality standards demanded by the automotive sector, at a global level.


“During the certification process we had the support of TÜV SÜD and its renowned team of experts, which led us to evolve towards a new way of operating, adopting the management system established by the IATF,” said Alberto García Correa, head of Viakable‘s certifications.


“We supply cables for the automotive industry through clients dedicated to the manufacture of harnesses, who in turn supply their products directly to the assembly plants,” said Gerardo Fernandez, manager of Product Engineering and Quality at Viakon.


“The IATF guides all members of the automotive chain to comply with its regulations, adopting methodologies that allow us to strengthen process systems and documentation,” he added.


Always at the cutting edge


Having the certification, places us among the manufacturers with the best quality system that exists today and is a model to be followed in many industries around the world.


“The IATF leads to the transfer of customer requirements from supplier to supplier so that the end user, which is the assembler, does not have problems in its quality”, explained Gerardo Fernández and added: “We supply our cables to both the light vehicle and heavy transport segments”.


This standard allows for much more robust quality practices, with a higher level of compliance than traditional industry. There are stricter controls established by the automotive industry and with this certification we demonstrate that, as an organization, we are prepared to meet their demands and offer a product according to their requirements.


Jesús Rodríguez, Manager of the Automotive Market, added: “As a supplier to the automotive industry, IATF 16949 certification enables us to have mechanisms to guarantee the continuity of supply of our products, within the value chain of this sector”.


Ready to face the future


To obtain certification, dozens of processes involved in the manufacture of our products are analyzed, with a greater focus on those in which production and quality control play a predominant role. However, it covers all activities related to the supply of raw materials, production, planning, quality control and delivery of our product.


“By having the IATF certification – Jesus Rodriguez pointed out – we will continue to offer solutions with a high level of quality to the automotive sector and, in addition, we add new practices that reinforce our excellence, in such a way that it permeates all the processes of our organization”.

It is worth noting that, in view of the entry into force of the T-MEC (Mexico-United States-Canada Treaty), a new trade agreement for North America, which demands greater integration of components manufactured in the region, having the certification allows us to be aligned with the new conditions demanded by the automotive sector and allows us to demonstrate the high level of competitiveness of our processes and products.


Having the IATF certification is the result of a great teamwork by all our energizers, always looking for a harmonious alignment with the dynamic and changing market demands.


We are an organization that grows, evolves and adopts the best practices and, undoubtedly, this certification strengthens our processes of continuous improvement, but also enriches our work culture, always oriented to the full satisfaction of our customers.