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Our extensive distributors network and sales representatives allows prompt and quality service to heavy industry and power sector, as well as many telephone companies, oil and construction companies, either through its contractors, suppliers or equipment manufacturers.

In Mexico, our network has 24 sales offices strategically located in major centers of industrial development, tourism and trade in the country.

Both in the rest of America, Europe and Middle East, we have sales representatives and distributors in several countries in Central and South America, Spain and Saudi Arabia.


Meet our different facilities around the world.

Plants in Mexico

Located in Monterrey, NL, produces bare copper wires and aluminum transmission and distribution of energy, insulated cables up to 138 kV underground transmission systems for industrial and urban, secondary distribution cables and connection, mining cables, flexible cables and cords for the electronic industry.

Its production facilities include:

  • The vulcanization process which guarantees vertical concentric manufacturing of large diameter conductors.
  • A modern plant for the production of isolates for low and medium voltage, as well as laboratories for the development of new materials and equipment calibration.
  • The equipment for dry cured with triple coextrusion system and clean rooms for handling materials, which are certified as Class 10,000 according to federal standards of the United States.

Located in San Luis Potosi, SLP, is one of the most modern plants in the Americas. It specializes in the manufacture of electrical conductors for wiring of homes, buildings, factories and shopping malls, where it requires full security and service continuity.

It also produces reinforced cable construction, which in certain applications eliminates the use of conduits and wiring processes manually.

The quality of its products has enabled the plant to export more than 50% of its total production, gaining an important place in the Americas.

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